The perfect time for a Midyear Review

by | Jun 30, 2023

Are you a convert to the benefits of a midyear review?

Here’s how taking time to pause, assess and reboot paves the way for breakthroughs, confidence and a new creative energy.

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Epiphanies, breakthroughs & the Midyear Review

I hope you’ve had a happy and inspiring week.

If you saw my email a few days ago you’ll know about my latest epiphany – one that I feel is going to revolutionise my work and my results over the next few months.

I’m excited to share more on what’s coming up!

If joy, success, meaning, and feeling good about your unique path are part of your vision, you’re going to LOVE what I’m up to behind the scenes. 🤩

In the meantime, I’d love to inspire you to pave the way for your own epiphanies and breakthroughs.

Because my recent insight was a direct result of the Review & Renew process I’ve been leaning into, as I do every mid year and new year.

This is such a potent time of year to take a step back and assess before launching into the second half of 2023, especially if you’re up to big things in the world or you have a bold vision that you want to bring to life.

I’ve collated a series of tools that will guide you in a process of first reviewing and then visioneering – two vital aspects of the best-laid plans.

And this time of the year is the perfect halfway stage to do this kind of recalibration work. 💫

So, I hope I can tempt you to carve out some quality time for your own Midyear Moment – as an act of devotion for those important creative dreams of yours.

And if you’d like the proven strategies and ancient principles I use to spark those inspired ahas that can change everything, you can discover the Review & Renew goodness here.

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Virtual Midyear Retreat – Designed for Creatives

10 inspiring prompts and practices to guide your midyear reboot.

However you choose to mark the turning point of the year, I hope it helps you to feel blessed, fulfilled and excited about the future.

Because all kinds of breakthrough magic happens when you do. ✨

Have a fabulous Midyear Moment!


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PS If you’re curious about where my recent epiphany it is taking me, I’ll be sharing more next week. 😍

(Or if you can’t wait, you can catch a sneak peek of what’s emerging from my mini-miracle here.)

“Celebration is a party thrown in the name of gratitude.”


A DIY retreat guide for visionary creatives

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Revitalize what matters to you.

✨ 5 simple-yet-powerful midyear review practices

✨ 5 inspiring visioneering exercises

✨ Exclusive Bonus : The Success Magnet Formula

✨ September Coaching Check-in to help you stay on track to the end of the year

“I feel so much more positive and clear on my direction, and I really have to thank you for that!

Sally Harrison, Money Coach

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