How Spring Cleaning can boost creativity

by | May 11, 2023

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Can Spring Cleaning boost creativity? 

As we’re now firmly in the warm-again-cool-again game of the Great British Spring, I felt called to share with your some seasonal inspiration courtesy of my latest post on my main Creativity Blog

If you love Spring Cleaning, you will LOVE seeing all these bonus benefits for your creative happiness. 😍

But if you’re more of a reluctant houseworker, my intention is that these insights will help you see your home in a more loving and positive light. 

Which will have lots of lovely ripple effects across your whole life – such is the power of our homes. 

(More on that topic here if you’d like further convincing: Oh, To Be Happy At Home.) 

And if you fall into the Recovering Undomestic Goddess camp (🙋🏻‍♀️), ie not naturally domestic but gradually making peace with the work, I feel these incentives will bolster your enthusiasm for what I like to call Temple Maintenance.

(So much more inspiring than housework…) 

Wherever you fall on the Spring Cleaning spectrum, I offer you these creative benefits to help you harness the magic and potential of your home environment to support your creative goals and dreams. 

Happy Spring (Cleaning)! – and I’d LOVE to hear what you think. 


PS If this topic of domestic happiness strikes a chord with you, I have a wealth of resources to share. 

In fact, the role of our homes is how I got into the work that I love so much today. 

It’s amazing what can happen when we start sharing the solutions we uncover! 

My path took me from housework overload to writing and self-publishing 4 books, falling in love with blogging, discovering creativity coaching and the joys of wrapping up my learnings in beautiful online courses

And it all began with my musings on how to enjoy a happier home life. 🙂

So, if you’re craving more domestic harmony, I hope you’ll enjoy the collection below. 

I hope it paves the way for your own wonderful creative journey… 


“Can’t work in a mess.”


More resources for a happier home life…

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