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by | Aug 10, 2023

Introducing… Proven Secrets To Happy Success #1 – The Foundation (with satisfaction guaranteed!) 🌟
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A creative route to happy success…

Today I have something for you if you’re a fellow success-seeker. 💝

But first, some more news about happy breakthroughs… (SUCH good news for you!) 

You’ve probably noticed that much of my work is about health and happiness in the creative realm.

But it occurred to me recently that there’s another theme that underpins all of my offerings, like a golden thread woven through my life’s work.

This was sparked by my Human Design studies which have revealed that I am genetically programmed to offer this brand of work to the world.

I’ve long known that I’m here to help with holistic wellbeing and creative fulfilment, but it seems there’s another key aspect of my dharma.

Because according to my recent discoveries, I’m literally designed to support your material evolution, aka: your happiest success.


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The Pursuit of Success – good or bad?

In the modern world of strong opinions, there are numerous voices claiming that it’s shallow to pursue success.

I admit, I used to feel torn around certain aspects of it myself, especially after receiving comments from loved ones that certain visions weren’t ‘what really matters’.

Maybe you’ve also felt guilty for wanting the things that make your heart sing?

But I’ve since learned that there are many wonderful reasons to set our sights on what’s possible.

And the one that most fuels my own efforts is this one…

Success is inspiring! 🤩

With the right definition of success, enjoying new achievements can be exhilarating and inspire us to stretch and grow towards even grander visions and brighter futures.

Winning can be wonderful.

Victory can be a soul-nourishing delight.

Achievement can unleash new creative energies that drive us to do more of the amazing work that only we can do.

Though the clichéd definition of success may get a bad rap in some circles, I know from my own experience and that of my clients that the pursuit of aligned success can be a potent creative force.

It can also be a life-enhancing joy.

So, if you also feel a call in your heart to pursue a certain vision of success, you’ll be pleased to know there will be a lot more on this topic coming up.

And to help you begin preparing the ground for your happiest achievements, today I’d love to share with you a certain success secret that will…

✨ Guarantee you delight in your new successes (none of that hollow victory vibe on this path!)

✨ Align your efforts with the forces that can fast-track your wins (hello wind-beneath-my-wings feeling!)

✨ Enjoy yourself along the way (not least because contentment en route to success is actually a potent catalyst for even-better-than-I-imagined results!)

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Would you like my proven Success Secret #1?

It’s waiting for you over on the blog.

I call it The Foundational Premise for Success & Happiness, and you can read all about it here:

You’ll also see a famous success story backing up my theory.

So, if joyful, rewarding, and soul-satisfying success is on your radar, {{firstname}}, I hope you’ll take advantage of my decades of success studies which can be summed up in this one foundational principle.

Because starting your journey to success with the right foundation can make a world of difference to your results, and how much fun you have along the way.

I hope it inspires you to go for the sparkling vision that calls your creative heart.

Because magic happens when you do. 💫

Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful week,


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PS Stay tuned for more resources on the Creative Benefits of Success – I’m working on something very exciting for my fellow success-seekers… ✨

You’ll especially love this upcoming focus if you hold the good of the collective close to your heart.

Because my particular purpose is all about nurturing your potential and material success – for the good of all.

I call it Feelgood Success, and I believe it has a very bright future in our human story.

Because feeling good about yourself, your work and your vision serves to remove some of the invisible brakes that may have been holding you back.

It’s a lovely win-win-win! 🌎

And it’s my mission to help more of my fellow creative humanitarians enjoy more of it.

So that we can all enjoy the many positive aspects of success and the joy of the journey.

(You can learn more about my triple win vision of Creativity for Humanity here.)

“Keep looking until you find it. 

Don’t settle.”


{ A few more wise words from success legend Steve Job to inspire you in going for your vision of happy success }

Over on the blog…

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Discover Happy Success Secret #1

The foundational premise that guarantees you will LOVE your results and the journey towards them.

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