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danielle raine creative coach
danielle raine creative coach

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Journey Notes :

Weekly Newsletter for Health-Wealth-&-Happiness-Seeking Creatives

These are stories from the creative path, usually featuring some (slightly unusual) creativity tips, as well as any resources that I’m finding valuable, such as book reviews or tools that I love.


Behind the Scenes from my Creative Cave

I love to share the behind-the-scenes of my own creative process – so you can follow along as I navigate the bumpy path that is this creative life.

My hope is that these will all serve you in your own creative adventures – helping you enjoy more peace and joy in your heart and mind, as well as more productivity and success in your life.


Holistic Creativity Tips

There are two main themes of my emails and offerings, the first is a holistic approach.

I am a HUGE advocate of the link between creativity and wellbeing.

You can read more about that here, if it strikes a chord with you.


The Creative Power of Joy

Secondly, I’m all about the joy!

The principle of enjoying the journey (aka life) is like a North Star in my life and work, I also believe that Joy is a creative superpower…

I’ll be sharing more about those themes coming up.


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I have something of a gift for pointing people to the right resources for kickstarting some momentum – so feel free to put me to the test!


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PS The Creatresse way is a human-friendly approach, designed to harness your innate access to inspiration, wellbeing and clarity.

Because we are all creative beings, with more power and potential than is commonly believed.

More details below on the power of this holistic, wellness-based philosophy…


A holistic approach to your healthiest, happiest creative success.

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Wealth Consciousness.











… because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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