From force to flow: A peek inside this popular online retreat…

by | Aug 15, 2023

A behind-the-scenes peek inside my online wellness retreat to reveal how it’s possible to go from force to flow in just 6 weeks…

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An online retreat for creative women

I hope your week is going well. 

And speaking of wellness, today I have a fun little something for you…

Would you like a couple of sneak peeks behind the scenes in my online wellness retreat?! 🌟

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The Muse Spa


A snippet from the Welcome Pack…

Here’s a snippet from the Welcome Pack that new members get to play with as soon as they join:

“Welcome to a magical 6 weeks!

Life is about to become a little more magical…

And you’re in for such a treat with your upcoming series of ‘virtual treatments’.

I hope you’ll find them both soothing and inspiring – invigorating for body, mind and soul.

I also hope that the material will create wonderful, positive shifts in your life and your sense of self – shifts that lead to a stronger connection with your creative spirit.

My aim is to help you carve out the time, space, confidence and faith that you need to create your best work – the work you are here to share with the world.

The main focus of the curriculum is creativity, specifically your access to inspiration, ie, your muse.

However, The Muse Spa material and techniques are designed to create a fabulous ripple effect across your whole life – reducing struggle, drama and chaos.

If you can picture your life, with the best bits enhanced, the stressors reduced, and your creative spirit in full and fabulous flow  – that’s what I intend to offer you here.

But like all spas, the mission is to also help you relax, destress and enhance your natural health and wellbeing.

You may find that these side-effects are actually the most welcome changes of all.”

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Free Sample Treatment: The Muse Diet

If you’ve been curious about the themes we explore in my virtual spa, I hope this preview of the Welcome Pack reveals the kind of life-enhancing fun we focus on. 

And if rejuvenating your creative life sounds like heaven for you, you can also help yourself to a complimentary ‘treatment’ over on the Free Samples page. 

So, I hope you’ll explore this wellness-boosting freebie and my Muse Spa labour of love. 

Because optimal health and wellness will provide the energy, inspiration and time you need to bring your creative dreams to life.

Where they belong. ✨

Wishing you a healthy, happy and creative week, 


danielle raine creativity blogger

PS If you’re tempted to gift yourself the creative bliss of The Muse Spa, your investment is redeemable towards my All Access Pass

So, treating your creative spirit to 6 weeks of holistic upgrades could be a very lovely step towards your VIP experience. 🤩


“When you feel good, you open the creative pathways in your brain.”


A free sample from The Muse Spa online retreat…

The Muse Diet free sample online retreat bowl of veg courgette ribbons

The Muse Diet:

Increased creativity & a happier relationship with your body.

No willpower required.

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“Everything changes once we know how to take care of ourselves!

The Muse Spa is the perfect place to start this adventure.”

Anna Niesler, Artist + Coach

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