A fast-track to the Feelgood Factor + creative career clarity

by | Aug 25, 2023

My latest Feelgood Factor workshop for creatives – a career catalyst + fuel for progress. Plus A Bank Holiday Weekend Special! 🥳

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My best work: Your happiest success

I hope your week is going well.

I’d love to hear what you’re up to in the world!

Hearing from like-minded creatives is one of my favourite things. 😍

And speaking of favourite things, I’ve spent a very happy week putting the finishing touches to one of my Virtual Workshops that’s designed to support my current obsession:

Your happiest success.

I feel that this latest offering is my best work to date when it comes to helping you get clear and feel good about sharing your unique gifts with the world.

Imagine that… 🤩

This new workshop has become a collection of my most valuable insights and ideas from almost two decades of exploring creative career options and how best to reach the people we’re here to inspire.

It’s a key ingredient of my Six Figure Soul Work vision I shared earlier in the week.

But what I love most about client results so far is the revitalised energy and renewed passion for a soul-aligned creative calling.

Because I believe it’s this energy that’s the key to success.

✨ When we love what we’re doing…

✨ When we feel confident in our gifts and uniqueness…

✨ When we’re excited to connect with our perfect people (the ones who will LOVE our work)…

…we tap into a powerful creative force, a catalyst that can fuel progress and fast-track results.

This is what my Ideal Client Breakthrough workshop will help you enjoy.


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A fast-track to the Feelgood Factor

Even though this workshop began life as a focus on Ideal Client clarity, it’s become so much more – a guided journey into what you’re uniquely-placed to offer the world. 

I wish I’d had this fast-track guide a decade ago!

It would have saved me so much heartache and so much time spent on dead-ends. 

So, if soul-soothing progress, blissful clarity and lit-up excitement would be a gift in your creative journey, you can discover the story of this new workshop over on the blog:

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After years of confusion, an Ideal Client Breakthrough

Or you can go straight to the Beta Tester Benefits here.  

You may have noticed that my work is increasingly tailored to my fellow creatives who want to do what they love for a living.

And my Ideal Client workshop has become the culmination of all I’ve learned that can help you with that vision. 

If you’re at a pivotal place in your career, or you’re ready to finally get unstuck with your marketing, I’d love to guide you in discovering some business or branding breakthrough moments of your own. 

Because that way, so much inspiring magic lies… ✨

Wishing you a healthy, happy and creative week ahead, 


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PS If this feels like a step towards the business bliss you’ve been craving, I’d love to help make this an Easy Yes for you. 

So this weekend you can access the Intro Rate for my new Virtual Workshops – just use the code BHINTRO on the order page. 

Since this is a Bank Holiday in the UK, it’s good till midnight on Monday! (GMT) 🥳

And for the first lovely subscribers to join this Beta Round, there’s also another bonus extra available… 

If you’re interested in Human Design, Gene Keys or Numerology, we’ll incorporate some gems of insight from these modalities into our work together. 

I LOVE sharing these aspects, as they can bring so much peace and relief to creatives struggling with confusion, frustration or overwhelm. 💖 

Let me know if you’d like more details.


“The world needs to be able to find you and your wisdom.”


Clarity, progress + the Feelgood Factor…

Ideal Client Breakthrough Virtual workshop banner

If you want to feel…

✨ confident in your uniqueness

✨ in love with your business

✨ inspired by your audience

…this is for you.

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