Do you know your Zone of Excellence?

by | Apr 30, 2023

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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 28.4.23.

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Curious (or confused) about your Zone of Excellence? 

Today I have something special for you – something that could well be a key to more fulfilling work and meaningful success… 💖

For the last couple of days, I’ve noticed a repeated inkling that I needed to share one of my favourite exercises for identifying your unique gifts and talents, aka your Zone of Excellence or Zone of Genius.

Until now, this has only been available within my Creative Dharma programme, but I kept getting an undeniable nudge that this could benefit a wider audience, and I know that unpredictable magic always happens when I follow those nudges. ✨

Plus, I shared this story with a family member (who doesn’t usually get my work) and he declared that it was, ‘actually quite a good idea’.

(BTW I learned recently that there are some interesting principles at play when our families don’t understand our vision or creative ideas – so if you’ve also experienced this, take heart that you’re not alone. It’s very common.)

So, if my idea can win over even the most reluctant critics, I’m hopeful that it will be even more helpful for those who tend to like my games and stories. (Hoping that’s you. 🙂)

Zone of Genius Exercise

The exercise is called Finding Lost Clues, and it was inspired by a popular TV show that you may have loved and/or been addicted to. (Like me.)

It’s designed to help you get a clearer sense of what is uniquely valuable in the things you love to do. 

Some call it your Zone of Genius, others prefer to call it your Zone of Excellence.

My favourite term is the beautiful Sanskrit word that I love – dharma.

Whatever you call it, if you’ve ever been confused about the gifts and talents that you’re here to share with us, I hope this short exercise will deliver some soul-soothing clarity that paves the way for doing more of that uniquely valuable work.

You can read the full scoop here:

And I’d LOVE to hear about any interesting clues you uncover!

Wishing you a healthy, happy and creative week,


PS If this idea of doing what you love in service to the whole is something that calls your heart, I share more about the delightful benefits of that focus in my ebook, The Joy of Dharma.

(It’s free.)

PPS Even though Your Creative Dharma was designed to help my fellow creatives discover their Career Sweet Spot, it also reveals some of my early findings on the fine art of co-creation, ie intentional manifestation.

So, if you’d enjoy a double whammy of Career Happiness guidance and manifesting principles, there are more details of that empowering curriculum here.✨

“There is something you can do
better than anyone else in the whole world.”


More clues for your Zone of Excellence…

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A joy-based vision of career clarity.

For purpose-driven creatives.

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Imagine if what you love to do…

…is what you’re meant to do. 

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