Can you guess my Creative Mentor?

by | Jul 21, 2023

Before I reveal the identity of my creative mentor who is the subject of the latest interview over on the blog, I thought it mught be fun to play a little guessing game…
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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 21.6.23.

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From Schoolday Playtime to Creative Mentors

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

Are you looking forward to the weekend?

As much as I appreciate that TGI Monday Feeling – I LOVE the end-of-the-week vibes.

When I was in primary school, my favourite teacher, Mr Lynn, used to always let us play games on a Friday afternoon.

I remember so clearly the joy of being allowed to go into the tiny games cupboard at the back of the classroom and pull out the boxes of Kerplunk, Buckaroo and Connect 4. 😍

Happy Days!

And today I’d like to relive that feeling with you, with a little end-of-the-week guessing game.

Would you like to play?!

All you have to do is read these clues and then guess the answer…


Interview Guest Guessing Game 

Over on the blog, I’ve just posted an interview with one of my early mentors. 

Clue #1: This person is the author of over 50 books – one of which was a godsend for me when I was raising two young boys with very little time/energy to write. 

Clue #2: This person has been pivotal in the work that I’m doing today – my beloved dharma sweet-spot

Clue #3: This person is cited as the founder of an entire branch of coaching. 

Clue #4: And finally, this fellow creative is esteemed by thousands around the world for an ever-growing range of workshops, resources and courses to help us navigate the challenges of creative living. 

(I’ve got the Paris Writing Workshop on my Artist Date Wishlist.)

So, can you guess who it is?!

If you’d like to guess before I share the big reveal, I’d love to hear who you think it might be! 

Or if you just want to find out the answer, you can find out my mystery mentor’s identity over on the blog: 

And I hope you enjoy the interview – it’s been a joy to put this together, and some of the insights in the post are rich gems of wisdom earned from decades of creative living. 

You’ll also discover a dazzlingly-simple route to joyful and effortless productivity – my kind of strategy. 🤩

So, I hope you’ll take a look and see which tips, tricks or techniques will be your favourite takeaways. 

Wishing you an inspired, happy and creative weekend, 


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PS If you’d like one last clue… my mystery mentor has even invented a new school of philosophy! 

Find out who is behind all these achievements – and their success secrets – over on the blog.

“If you bring the joy and enthusiasm of your inner child into your activities, life becomes a playground”


For more on the creative power of play…

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