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by | Jan 13, 2023

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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 13.1.23 and some links or references may have been time-sensitive.

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New Year, New Career?

As has become something of a New Year tradition, I’m continuing the gifting theme with a little something to support exciting new business and career adventures in the year ahead and beyond. But first, a short story about a shift I’ve been noticing in the online world… Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen unprecedented interest in the Email Coaching format, ie the quietly powerful practice of supporting and sharing wisdom with others via simple written exchanges. The short Email Coaching Beginner’s Guide I created almost by accident has become my most popular course. I receive enquiries almost on a daily basis related to how I run my beloved work from home business. Like many industries facing changes over the last couple of years, something has shifted in the coaching industry. It’s clear that increasing numbers of ordinary people are craving and seeking…  

…more flexibility.

…more freedom.

…more soul-satisfying work.

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A Creative Solution: Email Coaching

For many people, email coaching is a route to enjoying more of all of the above. I believe everyone has wisdom to share, and I know that there are so many brilliant creatives who – alongside pursuing their own passions – have a strong desire to teach what they’ve learned from their many years of devotion. Perhaps it’s to fulfil a call to their purpose or dharma. 🌟 Or maybe it’s to fund inspiring lifestyle goals. 🤩 Or maybe it’s to support more freedom in their own art. 🎨 Whatever the reason, and whatever the background, this desire to serve and share wisdom, under human-friendly conditions, is becoming a stronger force in the world. I have felt it in my business this year, and I’m honoured that I get to share all I’ve learned that can help others enjoy the benefits of this calling. And so, as a New Year gift – to help you explore how you can turn your wisdom and insights into an enjoyable, lucrative and liberating career option – I’m including my Email Coaching Beginners Guide in the Creative Well VIP All Access Pass. Ordinarily, it’s not part of the Creative Well suite, as it’s purely a business course and not directly related to creativity. But – for the entire month of January – you can enjoy free access to the Email Coaching Beginner’s Guide, as part of the VIP Access to the full suite of courses over on Creative Well.
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All current creativity courses

All future creativity courses.

Plus Email Coaching Beginner’s Guide*

(*January only) 

Even more creativity & business-boosting goodies

With the VIP Pass, you receive immediate access to every single creativity course available on Creative Well. (You can browse the full collection here.) You also receive access to all the new courses I’ll bring to life in the year ahead. I have some fabulous new offerings in the works – I can’t wait to share them with you! – and you get to enjoy them all, as soon as they’re available, as part of your All Access Pass. And to inspire you to gift yourself this empowering treat for a healthy, happy and creative 2023, I’m also bringing back the coaching gifts that are normally reserved for my Creative Diamond clients. 💝 But only during January!

Who is this perfect for?

This could be the perfect New Year boost if you are …

• Curious about Email Coaching and how it might add a liberating new option to your career mix

• Ready to devote some quality time and attention to the creative life that calls you

• Determined to invest in the resources that will uplevel your creative practices, projects, process and results

• Tempted by a number of the Creative Well offerings

• Keen to enjoy priority access to all the new courses and programmes I’ll be releasing in the upcoming year

• Excited about receiving a specially-designed series of uplifting and inspiring coaching gifts in the mail throughout the year

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So, I hope this Creativity & Business-Boosting Combo will be all the nudge you need to prioritise your creative life and support the pleasures or pastimes that truly matter to you – with my work on hand to support you for a full 12 months. Because I’d LOVE to be your guide and champion in your creative adventures throughout 2023, as you enjoy all the perks, benefits and delights of being one of my Creative Well VIPs – with an entire year to explore the range of resources included in your membership. So, if this calls to your creative heart, you can find full details of all the goodies available to you as a VIP. And I would be absolutely delighted to see your name on my New Year VIPs List. Wishing you the healthiest, happiest and most harmonious year ahead – may it be sparkling and fabulous, just like you. ✨
PS If you’ve recently purchased any of my courses, your payment is redeemable against the VIP Pass. Please email me for a magic code to apply at the checkout. 🛍

“All of us are teachers for each other. 

This is a tremendous, priceless service.”

Fredric Lehrman

With a VIP Pass, you have access to everything

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plus your Business-Boosting bonus…

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“If you feel pulled towards this or another of Danielle’s courses don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet. I can’t even put it into words how much you will get out of them. It’s a wonderful, fun and enlightening experience.”

Susanne Mcphee

Susanne Kurz Inspirational Sewing Instructor, BeAmazed. com

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