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by | Jul 25, 2023

A little #bts fun for my fellow bloggers, essayists and nonfiction writers…
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Nonfiction Writer #bts

I hope your week is going well.

Today I have a treat for you if you’re a fellow writer, or you enjoy peeking behind the curtain of other creatives’ practices and processes. (🙋🏻‍♀️)

I recently took part in an online writing survey by one of my favourite writers, Beth Kempton.

And I thought it might be helpful to post the behind-the-scenes habits and practices that I shared in the survey.

So, over on the blog there’s a new Day-In-The-Life glimpse of my creative journey as a non-fiction writer…


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A Writer’s Life – In Pictures

I’m also sharing some of the behind-the-scenes pictures from my writing journey over the last couple of decades.

So, if you’re curious to see the various guises of my writing corners and creative caves, you can enjoy the collection here.

I hope it inspires you to fall in love with your preferred form of creative expression.

Because magic happens when you do… ✨

Have a fabulous week! 


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PS If you’re interested in writing for therapeutic benefits rather than creative output, I wrote a blog post about the many benefits of this potent and accessible form of therapy.

Details below.

And if you’d like to know more about Beth Kempton and her inspiring work in supporting writers of all stripes, here’s a little intro to her creations… 

“Words can heal.

And the world could do with more healing.”


The therapeutic benefits of writing…

Writing therapy; the benefits of writing for healing, creativity & calm

Writing as therapy.

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