We are all creative.

It’s true that every human being is a creative being. 

But if you feel called to a creative life, you’ll know that some of us feel that pull more strongly than others.

And this path can hold all the delights and benefits of creative expression, but it can also present a challenging paradox.  

Because it’s precisely when we step towards the creative work we know we’re here to do that the most doubts and inner challenges come up.

This is the mixed blessing of the creative path; it calls to us in a way we can’t resist, yet at the same time, it presents unique obstacles and challenges.

The times when we feel the push pull of our creative visions and inner fears or doubts, that’s when we most need support.

Creatresse is a home for that.

This is a realm of support specifically designed for creative women. 

Because if you feel called to create, life is better when you do. 

Creatresse is for women who know they’re meant for more…

More joy.  More flow.  More aligned success.

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Free Tools

Inspiration & Resources for Creative Women

A collection of free tools and virtual gifts to support your creative journey.


Online coaching courses, designed for creative women and the unique challenges we face. 


Bespoke private coaching packages and support programmes for creative women who are ready for more.


A selection of All Inclusive options to allow a deeper commitment and devotion to your creativity and success.


This Month’s Featured Programmes

The Big Picture Sessions

A week of 1:1 coaching and guidance to help you clarify the Big Picture for your life.

Hello Flow

Reduce resistance and anxiety with 11 simple practices.

Delivered in doable weekly doses.

The Creative Faith Collection

A bespoke selection of inspiring resources to help you enjoy more faith in yourself, your work and your life.

(Because faith is a creative superpower…)

“I feel like I’m so much more in line with my creative self and life is just simpler and easier now.

The resistance has lost a lot of its power.”

Laura Burgoine, Writer + broadcaster

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